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I really don't I really don't know how older gay men meet up but I would like to find some and meet up with them and have them make love to me so any of your.

Join or. This list an ongoing effort. Groups will be added and some may be deleted if they are inactive. To add your group to this list: At top right is an "Edit" button. Tap it to open editing. If you don't see the Edit button, view the page here and it will appear: You can write a sentence or two about the group if you want, such as its purpose and philosophy. If the area served by your group straddles multiple states or countries, you may list your group in up to four places.

Keep your state in the correct country, and your country on the correct continent. Looking for a poly relation ship self.

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Southern California triad one year in still going strong self. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post.

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We just filed the paperwork a while ago for Damien so now we're just waiting for the court day and all that. The family will first apply for Rose to legally adopt Lauren and Buddy's biological son Damien; if successful they will then go through the process again for each child. We're trying for a step parent adoption but it's gonna be a three parent adoption, which hasn't been done in California.

So we haven't had any problems from their friends and family.

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You would think they will be more accepting but they were the ones who were least accepting of it, they were the hardest to get through to and some of them I still don't talk to. For now the family are focused on the arrival of baby boy number five and bringing up their children.

Polyamory in the News: January

Buddy said: I know we have a unique situation that we are in. But our goal as a family is pretty much the same as everyone else's. We want to raise our children to be good people and do good and be successful in life and have their own families.

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The whole article January 24, The misconception that poly is only about living-together families is pretty benign ā€” compared to the much worse misconception that polyamory is just a hip new word for old-style dating around with no deeper interconnections. Or, outright cheating. Those are misuses of the word that we need to call out and correct whenever we see them.

Polyamory is a real relationship model that involves plenty of commitment and compromise, but your boss and her partner are terrible at it. Behavior like theirs is the reason people associate the polyamorous relationship model with selfishness and dishonesty. Here in Massachusetts, friends of ours in a triad had no trouble at all, years ago, setting up a co-guardianship of three adults for their kids.

Legal help. Your state may vary. The Guardian, one of the world's major newspapers, profiles a wife and husband who opened their marriage. The story appears today in its Weekend magazine UK print edition and online worldwide. Anita Cassidy with her husband, Marc right , and her partner, Andrea. Three years ago, I sat down and told him: We had been together for 12 years and had two children, now nine and seven.

I love being a mother and I set the bar high from the start ā€” cloth nappies and cooking from scratch. But I needed something more in my emotional and sexual life. We started counselling to try to identify the best of what we had, to save it and protect it. Sex is a big part of a relationship, but it is only a part. If that sounds difficult, it was. I became convinced that traditional relationships are like an air lock.

You meet someone. People who choose to be polyamorous often do so after delving deep into themselves and their desires, so it runs close to the kink scene, which was also something I wanted to explore. It can seem quite intimidating, but I was so ready for it. I now have a partner of two years, Andrea. We work as a couple, but we also have sex with friends. He and I can flirt with other people and ask for their number, but I still feel jealous sometimes.

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He went away with another woman and, yes, it was difficult. Meanwhile, Marc and I realised we were no longer compatible. I had changed too much. We still share the family home and parent our children together. We still get on. We have counselling together, we spend Christmas together ā€” we are still reading and learning as we used to. We wanted to keep all the bits that worked. We have had to learn so much about communicating better, and I think the children have benefited from that. We have explained that Dad needs one person to be with and Mum needs more people to make her happy.

Understanding polyamory is complicated, but monogamy is fraught with ambiguity, too. Monogamy, meanwhile, feels more like a competition where you need to bag someone before anyone else does. None of that applies in a poly setup, which is incredibly liberating. Think how strange it would be to have only one friend. Why would you try with one lover? Put it this way: Husband Marc also gets his own say. He is supportive but sounds ambiguous about whether he's going to stick around for this forever.

Read the whole article January 20, BET writer Damona Hoffman found good people to talk to about this: For clarity, we are talking about emotional and physical intimacy here, not just sex. Crystal defines herself as "solo-poly. Author and speaker Kevin Patterson In his forthcoming book, Love Is Not Color Blind , Kevin discusses what it is like being a Black polyamorous man just as he has done in speaking engagements around the country for years. Denika, a year-old polyamorous woman, also felt ostracized from her family and community for choosing to live her life in this way until she discovered the Black polyamorous community online.

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A quick search of Meetup. But just how diverse are these groups? Crystal, who is based just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, says that the groups she attends are predominantly white. She is open to dating someone of a different culture but she admits that she feels more comfortable when there are other people of color in her poly groups.

Although she still feels she is polyamorous, Alicia says It more than likely will remain that way.