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I really don't I really don't know how older gay men meet up but I would like to find some and meet up with them and have them make love to me so any of your.

You can watch and feel my muscles as I flex, feet etc and worship me. You can feel my strength first hand in a submission wrestling match. See my 'Wrestling' section above.

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What are Chems? This is quite a broad topic. The short answer is, if it's safe, it's okay. I have no moral issue with a client wanting to take drugs in general. That said, when it comes to play specifically, it can cause issues.

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Some chems are relatively harmless in most cases or dosed correctly. Poppers for example, unless you have respiratory or blood pressure issues, carry very little risk of complications as a standalone substance. Other chems though, such as GBL can cause much more severe reactions and the chance of causational indirect complications needs to be taken into account. I will not do a BDSM session with anyone who has more than a small amount of alcohol, due to the anaesthetic effect and difficulty to read body language. As a general rule, if I wouldn't get in a car with you driving, I won't session for you.

I am happy having a small amount of alcohol with you at the beginning of a session, or midway through a long session, but I will not do any booking, particularly a BDSM one with more than a small amount of alcohol in my system. If you are planning to take only a single dose and you aren't planning to combine it with any other kind of substance especially alcohol , this should be fine as long as you tell me beforehand.


If you take GBL on a session, I will not do any kind of bondage play with you and will not do any heavy BDSM once the effects start to kick in, due to the anaesthetic effect. I won't partake. Very low risk. You may take these on a session.


If you have any health conditions such as high blood pressure or irregular heartbeat which might be impacted by vasodilation, please let me know. If you do however, I'd recommend not taking any, as poppers will be high risk for you. It depends on the substance. As a general rule though, as long as it can be used safely, it should be okay. I will give to female clients only.

This is simply because sex obviously requires the giver to be aroused and being straight, MM anal sex has the opposite effect. This is my most common request and if I could enjoy anal sex with a man I'd be rich, but this isn't to be. Please don't ask! Anal Training. Generally a long length session. Using toys and fingers, we will gradually see how far we can push the limits of your anal capacity. Most clients who enjoy anal training like to use chems poppers on a session. I have no issue with this. Cum in Mouth CIM. I am happy to do this for you giving.

I will receive only from women. I am regularly checked and have never had an STI thanks to safe practice. I'd like to keep this track record going! I have sterile medical gloves. As it is one use only, I ask clients looking to be fisted to provide their own fisting gel if they choose to use it.

Fisting gel is highly recommended over regular lube for this purpose. I enjoy fisting and as you can expect, I give, but don't receive. Most clients who enjoy fisting like to use chems poppers on a session. This can involve foot sniffing, licking, sucking, sock sniffing, boot worship etc. Forced Bi. An intro to serving a man sexually, with them putting you in your place.

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In sessions with me, this servitude is oral only. Hand Relief. A Wanking. On a sexual booking, objectification would generally involve you being used as a sex toy, within limits you set out before the session begins. I receive oral from any gender. I am always happy to give oral sex to women, I do not give to guys. I'll consider any roleplay request. Vaginal sex. A creampie is a cum filled pussy. Many people like 'cleaning up' a creampie with oral sex.

If you are seeing me as an MMF duo with Star, or as part of a sex show, I will happily do a creampie with my partner and you will be welcome to eat it out of her afterwards if you'd like. You will be made to watch me have sex with and pleasure my girlfriend, a female friend, or even more than one girl, so you know what a real man can do. Live Sex Shows.


Watch me with one or more girls live. You sit on a chair by the bed and get a good view. No pressure to join in, you can just relax and enjoy the show. You, me and another person. I work with multiple girls and with enough notice, can arrange trios or larger group meets. Testimonials "Another amazing time with the best and most genuine male escort.

Spartan is a true gent and makes the wife cum like never before. Dear Rent. For the most part I like simple things - going to a bar with a buddy or some buddies, movies, galleries, walking about New York City. And of course I love wrestling for fun and I do it often. By putting myself in other people's shoes and treating them the way I'd want to be treated if I were in their position.

And by always striving to go above and beyond since it gives me a tremendous feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment. Defintely fantasy exploration and the whole wrestling scene thing. Since I have an extensive background in the sport, I'm the only game in town when it comes to helping a guy indulge his wrestling fantasy - whether it be playfully on the mat or just having the experience of interacting with a trained fighter.

The real deal. Pays attention to what client is looking for and delivers exactly what he says he will. Membership Gift WrestlerNY 's profile has expired! Last on: Contact Me. Photo Rating: Premium Clients can access semi-private galleries!

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