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I really don't I really don't know how older gay men meet up but I would like to find some and meet up with them and have them make love to me so any of your.

A good place to check for drug interactions can be found here. I refer to it frequently when I treat patients. Having a companion go to your medical appointments with you will also result in better medical care. Depression could account for some; medications for others. And there are other possibilities as well. This can make treating them somewhat complicated, but treatment is possible once the cause s are discovered.

See your doctor about the prostate problems. While medical problems and medications can cause some of the problems related to ED, often the problems are psychological, too.

‘Honey, I’ve got a secret’ : When gay men come out to their wives

At the first sign of some difficulty with erections, men often begin to worry that they are losing their ability to function sexually, and then the worrying about the problem becomes an even bigger problem. I have addressed this in Finally Out Tips. But important research shows that while sex drive, ejaculation and erections may diminish as we age, sexual satisfaction can remain constant. The important message is that good sex does not demand that we have a world-class erection!

Suicide sometimes begins to seem rational when faced with a serious predicament, but it is a permanent solution to what in most cases is a temporary problem. Having the right persons to talk to is critical. Your primary care physician can be a good one, but is important that your doctor accept your sexual orientation.

Here is a resource for finding a supportive health care provider. Younger physicians may be more open and affirming about sexual orientation, but not necessarily. The same things hold true for finding a supportive counselor. Michael, most of us who are older have had the experience of either feeling we were sitting on the sidelines in the LGBTQ community or have been invisible to them. For many of us, dancing the night away and drinking excessively has lost its charm.

We need gay spaces, where we can talk together and hear each other. Many larger communities have options for that. One international organization that provides these opportunities is Prime Timers Worldwide , with about 80 local chapters; they also have an independent group for those who live too far away from chapters. Another online resource to find connections is on Facebook , which also might be a good place for you, BWright, to find someone to chat with.

Notice me! Gay, straight or other, ageism is a factor because of stereotypes. But we are also the victims of those stereotypes because we have internalized them, too.

Dan Savage advises a trio of late bloomers.

I am 74 now. When I was young, 74 was considered very old. But now, I am considered a survivor, and I have a life expectancy of another 12 years. I feel an urgency of time, but it allows me to choose to do things I really want to and not do other things that I once thought I had to do. I have moved things from my bucket list to an un-bucket list. I no longer feel pressured to climb the ladder to the top.

Make this the best time in your life. I have recently tuned 60 and I find myself becoming more and more invisible in the youth obsessed English speaking cultures I know. Thankfully this is not the same in Latin and Asian countries or even in Europe generally. At a number of recent events even some of my younger close gay friends ignored me in the pursuit of the younger prettier and more mobile.

These events have included radical faery gatherings festivals and social weekends despite making a considerable effort on each occasion in such ways as cost sharing cooking, volunteer working transport and or teaching for free. At 65 years of age my mental being is reshaping. On one hand I wish to announce to my parents that I am and desire to become gay, on the other hand I wish not to disclose my feelings for the fear of being totally rejected or disinherited.

The challenges of coming out when you're middle-aged | SBS Your Language

I got trapped in the finance crisis and lost a 30 year old business and then my home, after that my health unexpectantly took a turn. I lost my hearing over night at 55, within the time frame of the business and home loss. I was left with out Insurance coverage , I had no income and was denied both unemployment and disability! The stress of that led to HBP and health issues. I also had to take a early retirement to draw the SS at I am thankful having my vehicle paid for before this happened and my living contents, but downsizing including selling personal items at a great loss.

My cardiologist treated me lake a free clinic street person and prescribed medication that made matters most with side effects including depression, weigh gain, insomnia, weakness, and non energetic. So I have not ruled out suicide and think about it often, I can not bare the thought of hurting my parent or my brothers as well some friends. The problems of just surviving living accommodations, food, medical services and medications is overwhelming at times..

But importantly having the right person to just talk to!

Gay marriage in New York, July 2011: We get old, just like anyone else

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Subscribe to our mailing list Email Address. Friday, April 12, The Doctor Weighs In. Share this: Is Suicide Ever a Rational Choice? Become identified with a larger group — social, religious, political, Alcoholics Anonymous or anything that gives your life meaning 2.

Become a part of a smaller group with frequent, unplanned interactions — For older gay men, Prime Timers Worldwide, for example, often provides those opportunities, but there are many others as well 3. Michael, So pleased to hear. What a wonderful comment, Michael. Enjoy your adventures and much happiness. Thanks for the feedback. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

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Free Preview. Buy eBook. Buy Hardcover. FAQ Policy. About this book Is midlife for gay men the start of a slide towards the rejection, exclusion and misery associated with the spectre of the lonely old queen? Show all. Table of contents 8 chapters Table of contents 8 chapters Setting the Gay Scene: For support, call or email info gamma. Signout Register Sign in. Sexuality home Agenda Fast lane Mardi Gras. Previous Next Show Grid. Previous Next Hide Grid. By Ben Winsor.

Jim had a secret from his wife. The pair had dated in high school, gone to university together, and married at To friends and family, they were a perfect American family. But Jim had a secret. Similar groups meet around the world, including in Australia. For those who are still in the closet, it can be painful, terrifying, and exhausting. Why do bisexuals remain in the closet much longer than their gay and lesbian peers? Louis Hanson relays the struggle that come with being in a relationship where only one of you is visibly, publicly queer.

The challenges of coming out when you're middle-aged

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